One of the greatest challenges facing the digital enterprise is responding to the growing threat landscape that the digital world possesses. Ransomware attacks in 2017 increased by 75%. High profile attacks like Petya and Wannacry brought multi-national corporations to a standstill, with some organisations documenting that they were reduced to communicating to employees via Whatsapp.

So how can businesses respond to the evolving landscape that is IT Security? How do you approach building a well-rounded strategy that educates your employees about best practice, as well as integrating the best of breed technologies?

These were some of the questions explored in our latest “Coffee with Dell” installment entitled: IT Security and Emerging Businesses: Becoming Responsive, Aware and Strategic.

Listen to this audio dialogue here:

The session spans from the cultural elements of IT security and finishes with some of the latest innovations around how AI is being used to combat the latest threats. Some of the content explored includes:

  • The impact digital business models are having on IT Security
  • Realising the threats: the emergence of cyber as a primary risk to your business
  • Creating an IT infrastructure as the platform for good security governance
  • The impact good security principles have on other areas of your emerging business

Featuring exclusive thought-leadership from Dell’s Aarron Quach, as well as Cyber Security researcher & thought leader Dr Nick Patterson from Deakin University, the session offers well-rounded insights into how organisations as a whole should be approaching IT security.



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