With 12.3 million active workers in Australia, superannuation providers are taxed to stay competitive.

They understand the cost in time and energy that comes with making their service reflect industry and individual needs, and managing change.

But if companies can collect accurate data, their approach towards improving ongoing customer satisfaction could exponentially improve.

In our webinar: Collect vs Connect – Unlocking the Power of Data in Superannuation, Tania Mushtaq joins Nathan Gower of Dell Boomi and Hesta’s GM Digital Strategy, Callum Tod to discuss how superannuation providers can do just this.

Observing industry leaders in Cloud and Superannuation, this webinar explores how the forerunners are:

  • Safely storing and managing data.
  • Speeding up the access to, and application of, data.
  • Measuring the ongoing impacts this customer engagement has on their product.
  • And more!


Hear Insights Now from the ‘Collect vs Connect’ Webinar



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