For CxOs and IT leaders, understanding the landscape of IT infrastructure has become increasingly challenging.

For one, for the last 10 years marketing has pointed us to one place, “The Cloud”. Be it within a public environment or private, IT leaders have been sold the benefits of cloud as technology moved into an Opex model and looks to become as nimble, agile, and fast as the organisations it serves.

On top of this, consuming IT has become easy. As such, pockets of new data troves are being produced by all areas of the business. This again is putting a lot of pressure on the IT function to manage and deliver.

Coupling this with legacy challenges, systems integration issues, and the overall proliferation of data, understanding what data centre is best for your business is no longer an IT decision, its a strategic decision.

To look into this in greater detail, Innovatus Media in collaboration with Dell has looked into “How to Build a Modern Day Data Centre” in it’s most recent Coffee With Dell series.

This is a not to be missed installment of the Coffee with Dell series and is available to listen live, on demand here.

Featuring exclusive thought-leadership from David Siroky, Director – IT Transformation, Dell EMC and Nick Smith, Founder & Strategist Informed, this event is a great opportunity to explore:

    • What is a modern day data centre? Hybrid, scalable, and software defined.
    • The impact innovations like mobile, IoT, cloud are having on how applications are built and deployed.
    • Balancing the “optimise to innovate” paradigm: enhancing your data centre to facilitate digital business operations.
    • Assessing the tension between system modernisation and starving core business applications.
    • Going modern, how you can commence core systems modernisation.

This 45-minute session offers sensational insights into how businesses can leverage infrastructure to drive growth and enablement. The content is geared towards medium and emerging businesses, with the appreciation of cost and resource being critical.




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