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AI is Adding 34 Years to Your Golf Expertise

AI is saving golfers 34+ years of work at the driving range.

By Laura Jones , in Disruption and Innovation Innovation , at August 31, 2021

Golf Digest has named the GBB Epic, “Callaway’s most successful driver in two decades”.

With technology that was launched back in 2017, Callaway introduced the use of AI and IoT in the development and design of the face of a driver which is instrumental in generating ball speed and promoting distance.

In 2021 the revised and upgraded Callaway Epic Max range remains at the top of the Golf Digest Hot List with a Gold Rating.

How it works:

  • AI and machine learning allowed for 15,000 virtual prototypes of the driver face to be created over a three-week period. Each one learning from the one before it.
  • A series of waves and ripples created by the AI algorithm appears to follow a randomised pattern that covers the face of the driver.
  • These subtle internal ripples are credited for increased ball speed and therefore distance.

The benefit of AI:

Dr. Alan Hocknell, Callaway’s Senior VP of Research and Development has stated that without the use of AI, this design would not be possible as it was able to eliminate the confines of human capacity.


“According to our calculations it would take our R&D team, working with normal desktop computers, 34 years to create and analyze 15,000 prototypes – and even then it is unlikely we would have ended up at a design as radical as the one in Epic Flash.” – Dr. Alan Hocknell.