Workplace productivity in 2018 presents numerous technical and cultural challenges to IT teams. As the world becomes more digitised, so does the workplace. On top of this mobility is key to the modern worker. The workforce demands instant access to information that assists in their decision-making abilities, this makes getting work done easier and also has a direct impact on customer expectations.

These are some of the critical areas which were covered in our recent “Coffee with Dell” digital dialogue that looked into IT and Workplace Productivity: Creating Differentiation & Utility through Innovation.

We were fortunate enough to host Ross Dawson, a world renown futurist, who shared his views on the future of the workplace. Dell EMC’s Ashley Lawrenz also provided remarks into the future role of IT and how hardware is changing at a rapid pace.

This is a not to be missed instalment of the Coffee with Dell series and is available to listen live, on demand here.

Some of the talking points include:

  • A look at the challenges of workplace productivity: mobility, speed and interoperation.
  • IT leadership in 2018: evolving from managing “business as usual” to driving efficiency.
  • People, process and technology: developing a technology platform for your business.
  • A look at the outcomes of integrating and enabling the corporate workspace.



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