Creative Transformation: Building an Automated, Scalable and Secure Future

The latest instalment from "Coffee with Dell"

Almost 15% of Australia’s workforce works within the medium business sector. A sector which sits precariously positioned above the burgeoning “start-up” ecosystem within Australia; whilst sitting below the powerful pillars of the enterprise sector.

The challenges of building an IT platform that works for medium businesses is a difficult one. Without the capital expenditure of the enterprise sector, medium business are charged with doing “more with less” on a regular basis. However, unlike the start-up sector, whose small beginnings require fewer systems and process, the medium business sector needs to respond to pressures of remaining industry compliant, secure and having a network that is readily scalable.

This is the backdrop of Innovatus Media and Dell EMC’s “Coffee with Dell” digital dialogue series. This webinar series was launched to connect medium business IT leaders with the ideas and technology that will assist them in creative transformation efforts.

The first installment is available to listen here:

Building an Automated, Scalable and Secure Future:

Robust IT infrastructure is at the cornerstone of every emerging business. The backbone of operations, due to the digital footprint of customer, IT infrastructure is a major point of differentiation for medium businesses.

Featuring exclusive thought-leadership from Dell EMC’s James Robinson, this event is a great opportunity to explore:

  • The role of the IT team in realising business growth.
    The future of infrastructure and its impact on business enablement.
  • Scaling at speed: making your IT framework a growth engine.
  • A look into the future: ensuring a secure, automated framework that creates business outcomes.
  • IT modernisation: how your business can outperform competitors and reach digital business goals faster.
  • How Dell EMC powered by Intel® Xeon® Gold processor can modernise your infrastructure.



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