Even before digital transformation, it’s always been a small world. The people you know, the places you visit, the things you do and the experiences you seek out, we are all connected. Now that we are able to electronically integrate ourselves to the wider world on an individual scale, our governing assemblies and community leaders must race to keep ahead of us.

Though we all come from a myriad of backgrounds and have just as many idiosyncratic wants and needs, our common requirements are where councils beginning forming their digital transformation journey. Using existing records and systems, they are already seeking to digitise and automate much of their services and customer interactions.

But if a single person is an amazingly complex entity, a governing body like a local council is more so. And these mixtures of personalities, cultures, and circumstances, are one of the largest barriers standing before implementing new IT strategies.

The Digital Transformation and Enhancing the Citizen Experience: A Blueprint for Local Councils webinar draws several industry and community leaders to exchange past discoveries and current ideas, all focused on how local governance is approaching digital transformation and customer service.

Join Matthew Egan (Innovatus Media), Faten Healy (Inside Solutions Engineer, GitHub), Fresia Sergovia (CIO, Georges River Council) and Matthew Shultz (City Digital Officer, Ipswitch City Council), as they discuss such valuable key points like:

  • What are the biggest appetites of local constituents in the modern age?
  • What are some of the biggest trials local councils face in achieving this customer service requirement?
  • Do councils need to collaborate with each other to develop agility?

And more!

Click here to listen in.



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